Liveaboard Palau & Micronesia

Micronesia - a part Oceania - contains six sovereign nations and is a huge area of thousands of islands in the western Pacific Ocean with a tropical marine climate and a huge amount of stunning dive sites, many of them belonging to the best dive spots in the world.

Dive in MicronesiaFantastic islands sourrounded by white beaches and turquoise waters and an extraordinary marine life, vibrant corals gardens, plunging walls, spectacular drop-offs and many World War I and II wrecks make this whole area a world first class dive destination and perfect for liveaboard cruises.
There are two main areas for liveaboard cruises in Micronesia, Palau and Chuuk Lagoon (previously known as Truk Lagoon)

Republic of Palau

The Republic of Palau contains more than 300 islands and many famous dive sites like Iro Maru Wreck a Japanese ship sunken in 1944, Peleliu Express, German Channel (one of the best spots in the world to see Manta Rays), the Blue Corner, located in the South West reef of the Rock Islands features a top drift dive spot with some of the largest schools of fish in the world and the famous Jellyfish Lake.

Chuuk Lagoon

Chuuk Lagoon is an area of more than 50 wreck dive sites. During WWII more than 60 ships and 200 aeroplanes went down there and almost 80 years later, many of them are covered in soft and hard corals but still intact enough to explore them.

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Although most nationalities receive a 30-day visa upon arrival and don't need to get a visa in advance do not forget to check this before booking a Liveaboard.

Palau Aggressor II, Micronesia

Palau Aggressor II Micronesia

The Liveaboard Palau Aggressor II offers a luxurious accommodation and some very exciting dives including WWII Wrecks, Blue holes, caves and sheer walls and up to five dives each day along with spectacular night dives. Palau Aggressor II

Rock Islands Aggressor, Palau

Rock Islands Aggressor Palau

This 32m liveaboard yacht scheduling year round diving cruises in Palau. Take stuning underwater pictures from sharks like the grey reef, black-tips, white-tips, hammerheads, eagle rays, and dolphins and review them at the on-board photo center and experience the thrill of channels, blue holes, and sheer walls packed with marine life. Rock Islands Aggressor

SY Palau Siren, Micronesia

Palau Siren Micronesia

The Palau Siren is a wooden 40m long sailing ship handcrafted from ironwood and teak and has been designed by divers for divers! The Palau Siren crew of 12 will ensure guest satisfaction for a maximum of 16 divers on board. A huge shaded diving deck provides individual stations and personal storage lockers. A daily massage service and an air-conditioned lounge with cocktail bar, sofas, a 42 inch flat screen, a fully equipped camera and video station of professional quality will ensure your comfort on board in between the thrill of deep dives and the the tranquility of drift dives... SY Palau Siren

M/V Ocean Hunter III Palau

M/V Ocean Hunter III Palau

M/V Ocean Hunter III has eight cabins with private bath and air conditioning and can accommodate up to 16 guests. It features a comfortable salon equipped with television and entertainment system, a spacious dining and two Jacuzzis on the sun deck. Aboard the MV Ocean Hunter III, divers will exit and enter from a spacious diving platform to explore Palau's reefs, caves and wrecks teeming with impressive marine life. Ocean Hunter III schedules 7 and 10 night diving cruises to the best Palau dive sites. M/V Ocean Hunter III

MV Solitude One, Palau

MV Solitude One, Palau

Solitude One is a huge (52m in length) and spacious steel-hulled liveaboard. Up to 22 divers can be accommodated in 10 cabins on cruises of 6 or 9 nights. The cabins and ensuite bathrooms are larger than most liveaboards and the saloon, outdoor shaded areas and sun deck also enjoy an impressive amount of space. On all of the Solitude One Palau liveabord cruises, a minimum of advanced certification and experience of diving in currents is highly recommended. MV Solitude One

Truk Master, Chuuk Lagoon

Truk Master, Chuuk Lagoon Truk Master Truk Lagoon

The Truk Master is the ultimate Wreck diving vessel to explore the best wrecks in Chuuk Lagoon and provides guided dives, technical and rebreather diving. All tanks aboard are 15 liter steel tanks - 12 liter tanks can be ordered in advance if preferred by you. Truk Master, Chuuk Lagoon

Black Pearl Liveaboard

Black Pearl Liveaboard Palau

Luxury liveaboard diving in Palau: M/V Black Pearl. A sundeck designed with cozy outdoor seating furniture layout and a high performance bird watching telescope. The 2nd deck has an Outdoor bar with outdoor seating and a standard full range bar services, entertainment saloon, gym equipment, cozy sofa seating arrangement and television gaming consoles. The main deck has spacious dining area equipped with quality café and bar services. There is a large Jacuzzi and an enclosed private spa room, with a full range of spa services. Our divespots: Blue Corner, Blue Holes, German Channel, Peleliu Express, Ulong Channel, Chandelier Cave, Siaes Tunnel and Turtle Cove. Black Pearl Liveaboard

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